Why Does My Dog Sit On My Head?

There are a few reasons why your dog may sit on your head. One reason could be that your dog is trying to get closer to your face since it’s a place where you receive a lot of attention and love. Dogs also have scent glands in their heads, so sitting on top of you might be their way of marking you as part of their pack.

Additionally, some dogs just enjoy being up high and having a good view from atop your noggin! Regardless of the reason, it’s safe to say that this quirky behavior likely means that your furry friend loves and trusts you dearly.

Maybe he wants to be your protector

If your dog likes to sit on your head, it might be because they see themselves as a protector, or want to feel in control. When we watch dogs interact with other members of their pack (which can include humans), you will often see that the higher-ranking dog will take the position at the highest point. In this context, that might be sitting on top of your head!

Dogs are also very social creatures, and often want to be close to people that they care about. If you’re sitting down on a sofa and your pooch is lying next to you with their head across your lap, then one way for them to get even closer would be by climbing all the way up onto your shoulders!

Maybe he wants to be comfortable

If your dog is nesting on your head, it might be because his favorite spot on the couch is already taken. Dogs are territorial and like to protect their “land.” If you’re in the middle of working or watching TV and another person takes a spot next to you on the couch, your pup might jump up onto your head to get closer to you.

After all, you’re probably his favorite human and pack leader. Dogs are more likely to get affectionate with those they trust most, so if he’s sitting on top of your head instead of someone else’s, that means he knows he can count on you.

Being close to you also helps him feel safe. Dogs have been living alongside humans for thousands of years and have learned that we make good companions. If there are other people or animals around, then your dog knows they might be able to hurt him if they wanted but can rest assured that you’ll protect him from harm.

Maybe he looks at you like you’re his mum

There are a few reasons why your dog might be doing this. One is that he looks at you as his “mum.” Dogs see their humans as part of the pack and want to be close to us (and near us) in case they need something — like food or protection.

If you think about it, for our dogs, we are part of their mothering instincts, and the head is one of the closest parts of our bodies that can be touched and cuddled with by them. They also have a good view from up high on your head!

Maybe he just wants a view

It’s so that he can look at what’s around you. While looking through your eyes in the same direction you are, he will be able to see more things than if he were walking behind you or sitting on the floor with his head level to yours. So it doesn’t matter if your dog is big or small—your view from above is likely better for him than his view from below.

It’s possible that dogs just don’t understand that some people need to see where they are going.

Maybe he thinks you’re barking mad

We may never know the true answer. Perhaps he’s trying to keep your head warm—but in that case, why doesn’t he sit on your hands? Maybe he wants to feel closer to you—but then why doesn’t he sit on your lap? Maybe it’s an attempt to control you, and make you his servant. Or maybe he’s still just looking for warmth.

Whatever the reason, it seems unlikely that there will be a clear answer anytime soon. But don’t let this stop you from enjoying each precious moment of life with your canine companion!

Maybe he likes the warmth of your body heat

Puppies love warmth. Puppies and full-grown dogs alike are den animals. This means they like to be in small spaces because it makes them feel safe—and warm. The heat generated by their bodies makes the small amount of space in a den comfortable, and when they’re all piled up on top of each other, even better!

You, as dog owner, have become your puppy’s pack leader. You provide food and water for him, shelter for him to live in (does he sleep on your bed?), and you take care of his health needs. To your pup, you resemble a mum who cares for her pups until they are old enough to survive on their own. Because of this instinctual need to look out for her puppies’ welfare, your dog may have placed herself where she can keep an eye on you at all times—your head!

It’s a centuries-old mystery, so you may never know for sure.

If you want to find out, ask your vet or a dog trainer what they think. If you don’t know any of those people, consider asking other dog owners what they think. To get a broader understanding, you could also do some research and see what’s been written on the topic. Finally, try to observe your dog when he’s sitting on your head, as this may help you understand why he does it.