Why Does My Dog Kick Me When Lying Down?

Have you ever noticed your dog kicking its legs when it’s lying down? There are a number of reasons why dogs kick their legs. Some dogs do this when they’re excited and ready to play, while others kick their legs because it helps them get comfortable in their beds. In other cases, leg-kicking is just an unconscious behavior that doesn’t mean anything.

But there’s one more reason why your dog might be kicking its legs when lying down: it could be trying to tell you something. While most dogs don’t realize they’re kicking the person they love, some canines are actually aware of what they’re doing and have a very good reason for doing so! If you’ve ever wondered why your dog kicks at you while sleeping or during other times of day, keep reading—we have all the answers here!

Dogs like to be able to turn around in their bed.

The reason dog beds should be a few inches bigger than your dog on all sides is because most dogs like to turn around in their sleep. They instinctively need to feel that they are able to stretch out, turn around and have some space of their own. In fact, many animals do this, including foxes, wolves, cats and other members of the canine family. The same behavior can also be seen with domestic animals such as pigs.

He likes to have both ends of his body supported by something.

This is a very common behavior, and there are two extremely likely explanations for it. The first is that your dog has spent most of his life sleeping on hard surfaces. You see, dogs have their own “beds” or dens in the wild, in which they sleep curled up with one end of their body on the ground and the other pressed against a friendly tree or rock. Your dog may just be looking to replicate this feeling at home with you, but instead of being on the ground he’s trying to rest one end on your bed frame—and you’re getting kicked in the process!

The second possible explanation is that your canine friend has recently been exposed to something soft enough that he can’t feel anything pressing against his backside. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; dogs love soft pillows and cushioned beds as much as we do! But if he’s used to something more supportive than what he’s sleeping on now, it wouldn’t be surprising if he started kicking around trying to find something more comforting to get behind him.

He is getting comfortable with you.

Your dog kicking you while laying down is a sign of trust, comfort and happiness. It means your dog is making himself comfortable and at home. He’s saying that he trusts you and feels safe around you, and he’s also showing that he’s very happy to be with you.

Some dogs may show their love by licking or nuzzling your face; other dogs might rest their head on your lap or cuddle next to you on the couch. If your dog kicks his legs, it may mean that he has found a very comfortable place where he can relax fully in order to enjoy spending time with you!

He is trying to tell you something, even if he doesn’t know it’s you.

You may be surprised to learn that your dog will kick you for multiple reasons. He is doing this because he is happy, relaxed and very likely to be showing affection towards you. For example, if your dog kicks the ground when you are petting him, it means that he feels safe and secure in your presence. He is being able to show his love for you by claiming his territory. The claim of territory reinforces the fact that he trusts and feels comfortable around you.

He is exhibiting a normal response to stress.

A dog kicking its legs while it sleeps may be exhibiting a normal response to stress. It is possible that your pooch is experiencing a situation that causes him some anxiety, or he may just be dreaming of chasing squirrels. Here are some things that could cause stress in your dog:

  • Changes in his environment
  • Changes in his health or diet
  • Changes in his routine

If you think one of these scenarios is bothering your pup, you can try to fix the problem and see if the leg-kicking behavior stops.

His instincts are coming out, and he wants to make sure you see it.

Have you ever noticed that when you pat your dog in a certain way, he will kick with his back legs? You may have also seen this when he’s asleep. What’s going on here? He sure does look like he’s enjoying it – why does my dog kick me when lying down?

Your first instinct may be to think that there is something wrong with him. But that is not the case. In fact there are several reasons that explain why your dog might be kicking his back legs when you pet him. The main reason for this behavior has to do with dominance and pack order. This means that your dog wants to make sure everyone knows who’s boss.