Can Dogs Eat Toenails?

There are a lot of horror stories out there about dogs eating people’s toenails. But is this true? And if it is, why do dogs seem to love to eat these particular parts of our anatomy?

Dogs have been known to scavenge and eat anything that they can find, but do they specifically eat human toenails? And if so, why?

To answer these questions we will need to take a closer look at how toenails are composed and what dogs actually consume during their chew session. We will also explore the possible medical benefits of toenail consumption for dogs and humans.

Can Dogs Eat Toenails?

No, dogs should not eat toenails. Toenails are made of keratin, which is a tough protein that is difficult for dogs to digest. In addition, toenails can harbor bacteria and other organisms that can be harmful to dogs. If your dog does accidentally ingest a toenail, watch for signs of gastrointestinal distress such as vomiting or diarrhea and contact your veterinarian if necessary.

What Are The Benefits Of Eating Toenails For Dogs?

There are a few benefits to eating toenails for dogs. First, toenails are a good source of protein and fat. Dogs need these nutrients for healthy skin and coat, strong muscles, and energy. Toenails also contain essential vitamins and minerals, including zinc, iron, and calcium.

Another benefit of eating toenails is that they can help keep your dog’s teeth clean. As your dog chews on the toenails, plaque and tartar are removed from their teeth. This helps prevent gum disease and tooth decay. Toenails are also a natural flosser, helping to remove food particles and bacteria from between your dog’s teeth.

Finally, eating toenails can be a fun activity for your dog! It’s a great way for them to use their natural chewing instincts while also getting some important nutrients. If you’re looking for a healthy treat for your pup, consider giving them some toenails to chew on.

How Can You Make Sure Your Dog Is Safe When Eating Toenails?

There are a few things you can do to make sure your dog is safe when eating toenails. The first thing is to make sure the toenails are clean. You don’t want your dog to ingest any dirt or bacteria that could potentially make them sick. The second thing is to trim the toenails regularly. This will help prevent your dog from swallowing large pieces of toenails that could cause choking or other digestive issues. Finally, if you have any concerns about your dog’s ability to safely eat toenails, talk to your veterinarian. They can give you specific advice based on your dog’s individual health and diet needs.

What Are The Risks Involved With Dogs Eating Toenails?

There are a few risks involved with dogs eating toenails. The first is that the toenail could get stuck in the dog’s throat. If this happens, it could potentially choke the dog. Another risk is that the toenail could splinter and cause internal damage to the dog’s digestive system. Finally, if the toenail is contaminated with bacteria, it could make the dog sick.

The best way to avoid these risks is to make sure that your dog only eats toenails that have been properly cleaned and disinfected. You should also avoid giving your dog any toenails that are sharp or jagged, as these could easily cause injury. If you’re not sure whether or not it’s safe for your dog to eat a particular toenail, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and refrain from feeding it to them.

Should You Be Concerned If Your Dog Eats Toenails?

Dogs eating toenails is actually not as uncommon as you might think. While it may not be the most appetizing thing to us, to them it’s just another type of chew toy. However, there are a few things you should be aware of before letting your dog chomp away on your toenails.

For starters, make sure your toenails are clean and trimmed. You don’t want your dog ingesting any dirt or bacteria that could potentially make them sick. Secondly, keep an eye on how much they’re eating. Just like with anything else, too much of a good thing can be bad for them. Eating too many toenails can cause an upset stomach or even blockages in their intestines.

If you’re concerned about your dog eating toenails, talk to your veterinarian. They can give you specific advice based on your dog’s health and diet.


While there are some benefits to dogs eating toenails, there are also some risks involved. If you are concerned about your dog eating toenails, it is best to consult with your veterinarian. They will be able to advise you on whether or not it is safe for your dog to consume toenails and help you create a plan to keep your dog safe.